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01 - Getting Lost and Getting Started
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About this Episode
Welcome to Season 1 of ShneekeyCraft! In this episode, I find myself lost and then quickly find civilization again... complete with 'civilization holes'. I really luck out with an amazingly awesome spawn, and make a couple of basic tools, and in general act like a big derp.

I am using the ShneekeyCraft Mod Pack found on the ATLauncher.

Forum Thread
ShneekeyCraft Season 1

Getting lost in Modded Minecraft

Watch as I get lost and die repeatedly in Modded Minecraft. I am using my own mod pack, ShneekeyCraft, available on the ATLauncher, and the JSTR Resource Pack for the graphics. 

I will be attempting to maintain a buffer of videos, releasing M/W/F every week. I always appreciate viewer feedback, and might respond to something brought up by a viewer, it might take a few episodes to get around to it, depending on the size of my video buffer. 

So, if you are wanting to point and laugh at a guy who can't even survive his own mod pack, you've come to the right place!