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01 - Tour Of Duty
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I start off the game proper, with character creation and everything.

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:: Whoracle ::
Let's Play System Shock 2

What is a thought, compared to the mind?

Well, hello there, didn't see you coming in over my self pity over being sick and at home...

Well, what is there to say? I'm sick, I can't hog ALL of Domo's time (although I try, believe me), and I had an unbelievable itch to finally play one of my favourite games of all time.

"Finally play"?

That's right, it's one of my faves, and yet I've never played it. Through, that is. I played about half way through in coop, but I never managed to get to crew quarters or further on on my own, mostly because of the atmosphere this game has.

What's this game you're babbling about, anyway?
Ah, well, I'll let Wikipedia answer that for you:

Quote: Originally Posted by wikipedia
System Shock 2 is a 1999 first-person action role-playing video game for Microsoft Windows. The title was designed by Ken Levine and co-developed by Irrational Games and Looking Glass Studios.


The game takes place on board a starship in a cyberpunk depiction of 2114. The player assumes the role of a lone soldier trying to stem the outbreak of a genetic infection that has devastated the ship. Like System Shock, gameplay consists of first person shooting and exploration. It also incorporates role-playing system elements, in which the player can develop unique skills and traits, such as hacking and psionic abilities.
So, Cyberpunk FPS/ActionRPG hybrid, and spiritual prequel to a little game called BioShock that you may have heard of. OK, but what can I expect to see here? - Me playing through this game on normal. For the first time. I've seen LPs of it, but that's it, and that's been a while. - I'll edit some too tedious parts out if they occur. - An irregular update schedule, since this is really just me wasting my time when I've got nothing better to do. - Dual Audio: First track (and the one that gets played on the website) Is me commenting, Second track is pure game audio. Download the file to get them. - Spoiler policy: Everything not featured by the videos.The original System Shock is fair game, though, as long as it doesn't touch upon events in SS2 which we haven't seen yet.