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01 - Let The Bumbling Begin
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About this Episode
Let's Play Super Metroid for the SNES. Solo Commentary.

Forum Thread
:: Whoracle ::
Let's Play Super Metroid

You've Got Chozo In Your Jellyfish

Ahhh, Super Metroid.

Considered the best installment in an overall stellar series by most gamers I know, as well as one of the top titles for the SNES. About time someone on here Let's Played it.

And that one would be me. I've been wanting to do an LP of some kind or the other for some months now, but have never found the right game. Until now that is.

What you can expect from this thread: - Gameplay video with audio commentary by me and maybe some friends down the road - Updates about once a week, more often if I manage to churn these out quicker - A semi-skilled playthrough of Super Metroid on the SNES - 100% items - Some (pretty ineffective*) sequence breaking - As fast as I can manage (hint: not that fast, I fear...) *Ineffective because while I know some of the techniques for sequence breaking, mainly the infinite bombjump trick, I have absolutely no clue on WHEN to actually use the tricks. Hilarity will ensue**
**Let hilarity equal 'watching me bumbling around' I have never managed to get 100% in this game. In fact, even though I played it more times than I am willing to admit, I have managed to beat the game exactly twice. Mostly because of THAT ONE AREA. You'll know when I get there.